Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Goldman Level 3 Assets Jump in Q1

 Goldman Sachs's Level 3 assets surged 39% to $96.4 billion in Feb from $69.2 billion in November.

While many subprime-related stakes that lost almost 100 percent of their value since July were categorized in Level 3, other holdings such as private-equity stakes, real estate and rarely traded corporate debt are also included because market prices for them aren't available. More assets have become difficult to value in the last three months as investors shunned a wider array of credit, reducing trading.

They seem to have some stuff here that has lost most of it's value. The question is going to be are they doing this to hide loses?

Securities categorized as Level 3 are marked to Fantasy. Goldman's ratio of Level 3 to total assets was 8.1% - highest of any of it's competitor. Morgan Stanely has 7.2% ratio.


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